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DJINN'S is a German based foot & headwear brand established in 2001, hailing from Muelheim an der Ruhr.
It all started with a handmade edition, new in Europe at that time, of the classic Wallabee and since then
a lot of progress has been made at DJINN'S. The label itself stands for high quality manufacturing, selected fabrics, unique colourways, eyes on details and produces individual but matching styles as their signature feature.

As one of the leading players on the headwear market, DJINN'S is gaining more and more attention and credibility for their persistence, lastly especially within the sneaker community. New silhouettes as well as special colourways and patterns and unique fabrics are developed and experimented with constantly in order to deliver a original and perfect product.
Distribution wise DJINN'S is present on a international market with new markets, also out of Europe, being developed.
Inspiration is taken from all the beautiful and interesting things such as art, design, sports, movies, music, urban culture and the people themselves. So far there have been several collaborations with artists and brands such as Kid Acne, Yawn, Wemoto, Olson & Hekmati and Muschi Kreuzberg, just to name a few.