"We do it better. That object you wear that you do not notice at first sight, but that can not go unnoticed. We dedicate all our attention to it. We discuss it above. We work day and night to make it perfect, so that when you wear it you seem to be head and shoulders above all others. We think you deserve respect. Much respect. When you choose to wear a watch or select a wallet for your hard earned money, or when you want to give your style the last touch, you deserve to have something that reflects your personality. Maybe you do not know how to say it, but you have something to say. You can not wear any mass product and consider yourself. It's not true? That's why we founded Nixon and that's why 12 years later, we're still here."

It all started with the frustration of not finding quality watches on the market that could speak for the wearer and at the same time offer the features required in various work environments, sports and extreme games. Now all this has turned into a network of athletes, rock stars, distributors and loyal representatives who bring Nixon products to the market.

Some people look at professional skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders and mistakenly think they know what they are looking at. Stereotypes can be bad jokes. Their skills are stratospheric, of course, but their experiences go far beyond that handle in the corner. They focus their every action on perfecting their sport, but their interests and their style are far from focused. Their perspectives are unique, of course, but their needs are universal. It is up to us to reconcile one and the other. Nixon has chosen one by one the leaders in their respective sports and works with this elite group to ensure that their perspectives contribute to achieving a single unified expression: team planning, tailor-made production.



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